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These reports are extensively steady with
earlier United Kingdom figures and indicate a long-status trend, as an example
in 2001-2002 approximately 10 million days had been lost via work-related Musculo-skeletal
absence, with an average absence of approximately 20 days per case per 12
months. Over the identical duration there have been c.28 million people in
employment, so the lost days amounted to zero.2% of the days available for work.
the days lost concerned simply over 2.2 people in keeping with one hundred. To
reiterate the point made inside the introduction, these statistics do no longer
display that the actual loss to businesses. the overall loss isn’t always just
the work-associated absenteeism, it is also the inefficiency of individuals who
‘grin and bear’ their pain, and the inevitable poor outcomes on productivity
and high-quality because of absence and illness-associated work disruption. At
some point of the duration (frequently weeks and months) before time is taken
off work due to pain, a person can be working with ever-decreasing performance.
consequences (August 2004 – from the writer’s work) from a sample of
approximately two hundred people in numerous companies show that 70% of people
in places of work suffered Musculo-skeletal troubles. approximately one third
respondents had low degree soreness, however almost one fifth of people record
‘moderate’ pain. it is the latter who also mentioned decreased performance.
This reduction in effectiveness means that, on average, for every One Hundred
people being paid an employer might be accomplishing ninety-four employees’
worth of work. Leaving those employees to suffer in silence has a price. Taking
measures to reduce pain and soreness because of poor posture is mostly an
extensive possibility to increase performance, morale and working conditions,
requiring a lot lower funding in comparison to many different performance
initiatives (De Broeck, 2010). Finally, Skeletal System is found to be the most
system that can get affected by posture, and by improving your posture your
skeletal system will support other component of your body that may get hurt at
one day of your life. Skeletal System helps to reduce the stress on the joints
due to the unbalanced body weight and the tension of the gravity. In the long
term, the shape of the body will change to the worse and most likely the human spines
will be slouch hence they might get dislocated therefore surgeries will be

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