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                                                                                      Name : Sri Suryani MaulaClass  : TBI B/3                                                                                    NIM  : 1608103093INTRODUCTIONLanguage is an important thing that needs to be learned because the language has a function and a significant role in human life. The main language function is as a communication tool used by every human in his life from waking up, doing activities until will sleep again. In general, all human activities always involve the language as a means to interact among others. One can express ideas, ideas, thoughts of desire and convey information through language, so that language is the primary means of communication.Language is as a communication tool is divided into two, namely spoken and written language. Both languages ??have a close relationship with each other. Writing language as one of the many communication tools used in various communication situations and different purposes. Each situation and purpose are different, allowing speakers or writers in written language to choose the variations of the language used. The use of language variations is called the variety of languages.In accordance with the development of the times, the way people think about everything that happens in the developing world. In this case the language is also involved in the cooperation, Cooperation in various fields in the language example, the press with the language, advertising with the language, This shows that the language is always related to the field or things that are around.Music is one of the most favored branches of our society that has so penetrated it into people’s lives. Music can be defined as an expression of feelings or thoughts issued regularly in the form of sound (Encyclopedia National Indonesia, 413). Music always accompanies human activities, and music does not know the age limit, as well as the development of technology,  recording and sophisticated tools that make everyone more able to enjoy music, this is the reason why I chose music in doing this analysis.The issues studied need to be identified in detail and formulated in an operational revelation. It is very important that not too widespread and deviate from the problem to be researched and get results that are directional, profound and systematic, the researcher must determine the object to be studied. The object of this research is the use of british english accents on maher zein songs.The theory used in this study is to use theories of the notions of language, language characteristics, language styles, and other parts of the language reviewed by some opinions of experts such as Panuju, Darjdowidjojo and Mansurudin.The method used in this research data collection is the method refer. The method is a method of data collection is done by listening to the use of language, both the use of language orally (when sung) or written language (text song). Assisted by recording methods as well as collecting various literature, relevant reading to support this research and selecting references from several books and websites as a reference and data amplifier.II. DiscussionMaher zein lyrics of this song after the author analyzed this research that is using English British accent. To facilitate the analysis, the authors read the entire lyrics of the song and listen to the song content and then identifies based on existing sources.Here the lyrics of the song :We are here on this special dayOur heart are full of pleasureA day that brings the two of you Close togetherWe are gathered here to celebrateA moment you I’ll always treasureWe ask Allah to make your loveLast foreverLets raise our hands and make Du?aLike the prophet taught usAnd with one voiceLets all say, say, sayBaraka Allah  Lakuma wa Baraka alikumaWa jamaah baina kuma fee khairBaraka Allah  Lakuma wa Baraka alikumaWa jamaah baina kuma fee khairFrom now yo

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