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In the United States of America, the debate about whether recreational drugs should be legalized or not has been going on for decades. This debate is certainly no small matter, since it often sparks conflict between so many parties. As of September 2017, states in the western gulf such as California, Oregon, and Washington have legalized both recreational and medical marijuana, making six states in total fully supportive of the use of marijuana, sixteen states only legalizing for medical use, and the rest of the US still hasn’t had a clear law regarding the use of marijuana (State marijuana laws in 2017 map, 2017). This paper will emphasize the support of legalizing marijuana as a recreational drug. The use of marijuana as a recreational drug should be legalized because of three important reasons. The first reason why the use of marijuana as a recreational drug should be legalized is because marijuana use does not have a dangerous side effect compared to other substance such as tobacco and alcohol. Secondly, the criminalization of marijuana as a recreational drug is criticized as ineffective, not to mention the racially biased criminal justice system. The third and last point is that the decriminalization of marijuana will be beneficial to their country’s economy from taxation and other revenues.

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Marijuana Against Other Substances

First of all, many believe that marijuana is a harmful substance, much more harmful than tobacco and alcohol. As much as it sounds like it is true, this claim has been proven to be untrue. Scientific Reports (2015) did a research on “Comparative risk assessment of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other illicit drugs using the margin of exposure approach”. As quoted from the research, which was conducted by Lachemeier and Rehm (2015), claimed that “for individual exposure the four substances alcohol, nicotine, cocaine and heroin fall into the ‘high risk’ category with MOE

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