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Japan is a very bureaucratic society with many rules, procedures, and regulations. The Japanese are world class negotiators and they are doing a completely different business from North American counterparts. Decisions are not made faster and transactions are hardly completed at the first meeting. Negotiation takes time. The necessity of this approval is a usual practice, but stall is also a common negotiation strategy of the Japanese. The first point of note about Japanese people is to focus on the welfare of groups and organizations. They know the hierarchy well, but they are aware of the mutual dependency among the individual layers. In negotiations, these fundamental differences are indicated by the goals of the Japanese betting group for individual desires and needs. The Japanese represent great respect for both the position and title on their side and on the other side. They always show respect and carefully respect their responsibilities. It is by no means appropriate for anyone to criticize others or humilify them. Conflicts are avoided over all costs. Privacy of the office is the only place as a forum for such discussion. Relationship is expensive and is necessary to start business relationship. The last night legend of the karaoke bar is all true. If you want to do business with them, you need to know socially. It is understood that it is just a business relationship, but it is still necessary. Silence during negotiations is common and appreciated by Japanese. Silence is the time of reflection and reflection. As a negotiator, Japanese say less than most cultures, especially less than Americans. They have unpredictable and selfish transformationalists. When a Japanese speaks in negotiations, it is almost always a form of question that the other party reveals information. This approach is also a very difficult reason to negotiate with them. It is almost impossible to let them disclose interests and motivations.

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