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59% while the NNS to detect a new case of DM was 18. The
prevalence of DM among patients who were older than 40 years was far higher
than among younger persons; sex on the other hand was not associated with the occurrence
of DM. The additional yield of DM was greater among older patients, persons who
sought care at a public facility, rural residents and HIV-negative persons. In
all, factors favouring occurrence of DM among TB patients in the study group
were older age (over 40 years), private facility care and rural residence.
Conversely, patients engaged in occupations with vigorous activity were less
likely have DM.  

In this study we found a high prevalence of DM among the TB
patients (11.9%) treated in Bhopal; and it was higher among those with age
>50 years, male gender, smokers, patients having high BMI range (>25),
type II treatment category and those with Pulmonary tuberculosis as compared to
age 50). Similar finding have been reported by studies from other parts of
India and others contries16171819. This
study also reported the higher association of DM and PTB, which is also
reported in many studies including those by Zhang et al.15 and Guptan and
Shah18. This study
has reported significantly higher prevalence of DM among male gender, which is
supported by that reported in the study conducted in south India 20.

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Result of the current study
shows that diabetes among alcoholic tuberculosis patients to be more as compare
to non alcoholic patients, and the difference was not significant. Similar
result seen earlier study 21 11
shows that Alcohol consumption was found to be a risk factor for diabetes in TB

The present study shows that diabetes
was more common among TB patients with BMI more 25 (19.0%) as compare to those
with BMI

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