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Chinese Canadians made monumental contributions to Canada’s Development, culture and society since 1945. The most significant contributions are shown in Chinese Canadians roles in occupations, politics, and culture.   In the private sector, Chinese Canadians have thrived. There are a few notable Chinese Canadians in business such as Milton Wong, Victor Li Tzar-kuoi, and Eva Kwok. Milton Wong is a prominent figure in Canadian finance. He has funded, and is on the boards of many organizations such as the YMCA, The David Suzuki Foundation, the Canadian Red Cross, and the Vancouver General Hospital. Aside from being a leader in his community, he is the founder of institutions like the Laurier Institute, which is a non-partisan thinktank that reviews decisions by parliament. Another notable Chinese Canadian in business is Victor Li Tzar-kuoi. Victor is Chinese Canadian who is a descendant of the Tzar-kuoi family, the richest family in Hong Kong. He helped shape Canadas economic landscape today. He has many assets including husky energy, CK life holdings, CK Infrastructure, and CK Property Holdings. Concerning Canada, his biggest accomplishment is his role as co-chairman at Husky Energy. Husky Energy is the biggest integrated energy company in Canada. It has 22 billion dollars in revenue and employs 5 500.   Patrick Chan is an Olympic gold medalist and is a Chinese Canadian. He is figure skates around the world Canada, he’s won three World championships (2011, 2012, 2013), a two Grand Prix Finalchampionships (2010 and 2011), a three Continents championships (2009, 2012, 2016), and a ten Canadian nationalchampionships (2008–2014, 2016–2018). He’s a very successful. Jiang Weiping was a successful journalist, in 1999, he began publishing a series of articles about the Communist Party corruption in the Hong Kong magazine “Frontline. Jiang is a graduate of the University of Liaoning, where he studied history. In the early 1990s, Jiang became the Northeastern China bureau chief of the pro-Beijing Wen Wei Po newspaper in Hong Kong. Jiang came to Canada in 2000. Jiang was awarded a CPJ International Press Freedom Award in 2001 by the Committee to Protect Journalists. Bruce Mau is a Canadian designer. He started as a graphic designer but later focused on architecture, art, museums, film, eco-environmental design, and conceptual philosophy.  

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